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Who are we?

This website is run and updated by HodgenLaw PC, an International Tax Law firm in Pasadena, CA. We are passionate about solving International Tax problems, from real estate investment to expatriation. Learn more about us at our website here: hodgen.com.


1. Saves you from Google searches that give you badly-formatted PDFs from hard-to-navigate websites.
2. Provides insight and explanations by knowledgeable contributors for using these poorly written documents to solve your problems.

Tax Treaty Law’s archive presents a centralized, free collection of tax-related U.S. bilateral and multilateral treaty documents in easy-to-read formats. You can also download a PDF version for offline reading or printing. The treaties available on this site are in-force and range from topics of income and capital tax treaties to intergovernmental agreements.

The United States has entered into multitude of treaties and agreements with other countries. The risk of many International Tax problems (i.e. double taxation, tax avoidance, etc.) can be diminished with the use of these treaties and agreements. The Tax Treaty Law blog provides easily understood explanations of different aspects of United States treaties to help mitigate the risk of tax problems. These explanations are contributed by specialists in the field who work in the area of international tax law, and will aid you in efficiently managing your U.S. tax results.


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