Tax Treaty Law: Introduction and Highlights

Welcome to our site! We hope to facilitate all your international tax problems by providing official document resources and expert opinion by specialists in the field of international tax law. The treaties available on TaxTreatylaw.com are in-force and range from topics of income and capital tax treaties to intergovernmental agreements.

Highlights and Features

Here are some features that will optimize your website experience:

Each set of treaties and agreements are organized by topics. Click on the link to access the related page.  

Each topic is organized by countries. Simply click on the country and all documents available for the country within the selected topic will be displayed.

The table of content feature will offer you an overview of what the document contains.

When scrolling through the document, the table of content icon will hover on the right hand side of the page, allowing you to jump from one section to the next with ease.

Use the PDF button to download documents for offline viewing or printing.

Locate the search button on the upper right hand side of every page and search to find the document you need faster.

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